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My feelings on Jena 6.

My feelings on Jena 6.

  I am one of those that didn’t hear much about it as I am busy, last two months relocating to another state, and before that, dealing with courts and my ex-wife.

  When I did hear of the Jena six, my first thought was the Philadelphia 11.  Ten adults and one minor.


  Through all the reading I have done, not one reference to this event.

  Jena 6 isn’t much different from Philadelphia 11 if you compare it.

#1 Public place, that fits.

#2 Religious beliefs, if the shoe fits.  The outrage on the right seems far more than the outrage on the left.

  But what is missing, is skin color, and that should not matter.  Although one thing jumps out at me, TEN ADULTS not listening to police, not SIX TEENAGERS in High School.

  Now I am left when it comes to politics, but this crap smells real bad. So damn bad I have to pinch my nose closed and that doesn’t work.

  I will add Hurricane Katrina to the mix, David Vitter, and William Jefferson.  No one wants to touch Louisiana politics.  I will bet they are glad there isn’t a Presidential primary there!  And the smell is worse and hurting the taste buds!

  Not one of the P-11 was held more than 21 hours.

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