Mitt: Bush responsible for 'restoring personal integrity and dignity to the White House'

I'm thinking Mitt Romney must have access to some really strong “pharmaceuticals” to emit something like this.

Trying to stand out from the crowded field, Romney is bluntly confronting problems plaguing the GOP in his new stump speech, fresh television ads and an open letter to party leaders. He is seeking to tap into anger among Republicans about the country's direction even as one of their own, President Bush, sits in the White House.

In a blistering critique of Republicans, Romney argued that Republicans share the blame with Democrats for the nation's woes. He bemoaned excessive spending, insecure borders and ethical lapses. “When Republicans act like Democrats, America loses,” he said.


Even as he sought to distance himself from Bush, Romney gave him limited credit for keeping the United States safe and “restoring personal integrity and dignity to the White House.” But otherwise Romney rattled off a slew of problems with the government, saying, for example, that the post-Hurricane Katrina cleanup “didn't look like Republicans were in charge.”

Holy Batsh*t-man, he must be high as a kite. One wonders what post-Katrina reconstruction would look like with Mitt's vision of Republicans in charge.

Here's an exercise for you — give some fun examples of dignity, integrity (and competence). Think creatively…

* 'The commander guy' – shame of a nation


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