Everything I Know I Learned On The Mitternets

The Hardest Working Candidate In America, Willard Romney goes an internets tube too far:

During the town-hall meeting, Romney played to the Silicon Valley crowd, some of whom work at nearby Google, Cisco Systems and Apple Inc.

At one point, the former Massachusetts governor spoke of his effort to provide every sixth-grader and beyond with an inexpensive laptop.

“I want our kids to know how to Google and Yahoo and everything else, so that when they do a report on George Washington, they don’t have to go to the encyclopedia but they can go to Wikipedia and they can learn what’s happening on an online basis as kids around the world are doing,” he said.

The remark brought chuckles from the crowd, since Wikipedia has been criticized for the accuracy of some of the public contributions to its information-sharing Web site.

Later Romney swore “As President of these United States I will track down notorious Kennedy assassin John Seigenthaler even if I have to invade every grassy knoll in the greater Dallas metropolitan era.” Then his son Tagg threw an American flag over his shoulders (the ones you can land a 737 on) while a recording of Living In America blared from the MittMobile’s quadrophonic Blaupunkt sound system.

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