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Responding to Peter LaBarbera’s response to GLN’s Bob Schwartz

The following is an email that I sent to Peter LaBarbera of Americans For "Truth." It is response to his response to Gay Liberation Network's Bob Schwartz message about Peter LaBarbera. Peter's "fisking" comments are in blue, and mine in purple.


Allow me to (mostly) defend Mr. Schwartz (post if you like). I also plan to respond to your comments in the same way that you did Mr. Schwartz, but in purple (how appropriate, I know).

Poor, beleaguered Peter LaBarbarian. [cute, Bob] [Agreed, not very nice, but sticks and stones, ya know?] Not long after being denied space in a Naperville Holiday Inn for his banquet of bigots [more name-calling — falsely equating pro-family Americans who oppose homosexuality with rank bigotry] [Unfortunately, "bigot," as harsh a word as it is, is the only thing that can describe those who are against the fundamental rights of all human beings (I'll get to the "What rights?!!" question later)], the “Americans For Truth About Homosexuality” leader, the would-be il duce of the hard core antigay right-wing, has taken another hit. Organizers of a diversity in the workplace panel have disinvited the homo hater [disagreement is not hate, Bob] [Correct, disagreement is not hate, however, relegating people to a point of non-existence quotes around the words gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender, and substituting the words "homosexual" as behavior only and "she-male" as you do, denote a form of hate that cuts deeply into the very fibers of our beings], after three other panelists said they would not participate if LaBarbera did.

It is good to hear that HRC’s Daryl Herrschaft and others will not appear with hate mongers [more name-calling] [Those who foment hate even in the guise of "love the sinner hate the sin" are aptly called "hate mongers"] who don’t believe we have a right to even exist [Gay Martyr Syndrome: looks like Bob and friends are “existing” quite fine; we simply don’t believe that people are defined by aberrant sexual behaviors, and of course we believe that homosexuals can change and abandon the lifestyle, as so many, like our Oct. 5 banquet speaker, Charlene Cothran, have] [Gay Martyr Syndrome? The very idea that you want people to "change" to conform to your idea of what is right is an admission of a belief that LGBT people have no right to exist. Your side has yet to prove (even with your Exodus International "Groundbreaking 'Study'" or Dr. Spitzer's study for which he has rebuked your side many times for misquoting and presenting as "fact") that anyone truly has changed from being gay to being straight. If so why not just call them straight? Especially when so many have dropped out of the programs or been caught in, shall we say "compromising situations?" Why even use the moniker "ex-gay?" Let's not even get into the discussion of "aberrant behaviors" because of how many heterosexuals practice what you would call "abberant."], much less enjoy equal rights with other Americans [”equal rights” based on what? How you have sex? That’s not in the Constitution] [Equal rights based on what is innate. Desire for a partner of the same sex is just as innate as the desire for a person of the opposite sex. If you didn't date girls out of desire and eventually marry out of love then you're doing it wrong. It has nothing to do with sex. Sex is the act, but love and desire are the underlying emotions. The Constitution guarantees equal treatment under the law for all citizens. If you have disagreement with that then you have a disagreement with reality].

People like LaBarbera ought to be treated in the same way as those preaching white supremacy or that Jews are Christ killers who need to convert to Christianity. [Another misleading and hateful statement by Bob and GLN, laced with a profound bigotry against sincere Christians and all people — religious or otherwise — who believe homosexual behavior is wrong. Here he resurrects past societal injustices to justify his own errant lifestyle. I hate anti-Semitism and racism as much as Bob or anyone else; those issues have nothing to do with Americans’ views on the moral questions surrounding homosexuality and gender confusion.] [You're wrong. His remark was directed specifically at YOU and the people who lobby for anti-gay legislation with the Bible and the six little cherry-picked condemnations (which truly are open for interpretation) to a purposely secular government. Sometimes it is correct to invoke past societal injustices especially when there are so many similarities especially when the arguments for keeping such social injustices came directly out of a book written more than 2000 years ago, and I'm only talking about the Old Testament. You should also stop qualifying your views blanketedly as 'American' as they are only a specific brand of fundamentalist Christianity, which is who he is speaking directly to and not "all people" or necessarily "sincere Christians" as you have no qualifications to declare who is more or less sincere in their beliefs.]

LaBarbera rails against “anti-Christian bigotry.” This is a sham, a cover for hate hiding behind stained glass windows. Many religious people held fervent beliefs that Jews and African Americans just didn’t rank up there with the better people, the chosen of god. People who believe and advocate for these things today are shunned as bigots. [Once again, Bob erects his twin straw men of racism and anti-Semitism, knowing full well that we at Americans For Truth abhor both these ills. The practice of homosexuality is shameful, and its celebration more so. Disagreeing with homosexual behavior is nothing more than agreeing with God.] [Good, I'm glad that you abhor both of those ills as do I and I would guess most Americans. However, your declaration that the "practice of homosexuality" which again you only equate to an act of sexual intercourse, but is really a lot more and much deeper than you portray it to be, as shameful and your declaration that celebrating who we are as human beings as even more shameful, is shameful in and of itself and should be abhorred. Disagreeing with "homosexual behavior" is fine. Demanding legislation based on your Biblical beliefs is not. Declaring that it's nothing more than agreeing with God is also abhorrent as you still are no authority on what God knows or believes to be Truth. The Bible may have been inspired by God and written by man's hand but is it not fair to say that man may have inserted a few biases of his own, if the translations are to be taken at face value?]

Peter, I thank you in advance for reading, and for responding if you do. And as always, I wish the best for you and your family as you continue down life's journey.

Daimeon Pilcher

PS, the above will be posted at Pam's House Blend and on my blog "Tiny Queer Footballs"

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