whitehouse.gifBush and Cheney have another tinkle and weep party…this time for the Freepers.

Condi, Karen Hughes, everyone was there.

Unless “American flag as ascot” made a splash on the Paris runways this year and everyone forgot to tell me, let’s just say that those in attendance are as out of touch with modern fashion as they are with reality and leave it at that.

I realize the Republicans are a lot more fond of their base than the Democrats are for obvious reasons — they have a willingness to repeat anything you tell them without thinking first and a fondness for just sort of mindlessly slavering at the feet of authority — but let’s harken back to Freeperland at the time General Abizaid said a nuclear Iran wasn’t the end of the world:

What an idiot he is.

…general, you moron […] This guy is the biggest @ss clown the military has produced since John Murtha.

I think General Abizaid’s ethnicity (I know, he’s of Arab, not Persian, extraction, but from the Mid-East nonetheless) is playing him false on this one.

Total idiot!

This is a great example of the narrow vision of many military commanders…

I guess this is okay because Abizaid was retired at the time, and Petraeus wasn’t. Still doesn’t explain why 72 Senators with nothing better to do than pick their noses and whistle didn’t vote to condemn Abizaid’s successor, Fallon, for calling Petraeus an ass-kissing little chickenshit.”

I’m sure someone in a really loud, ugly scarf would be willing to explain it to me.

(h/t Americablog)

Updae:  Democrats.com has more on Gathering of Eagles, another class bunch invited to the weep’n’pee. 

Jane Hamsher

Jane Hamsher

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