Tampa is played host to another gathering of the religious right luminaries this weekend, the Family Impact Summit. It was sponsored by the Focus on the Family-affiliated Florida Family Policy Council, the Community Issues Council, Tony Perkins' Family Research Council, and the Salem radio network. The sessions were held at a church in Brandon, Florida.

Jim Burroway attended, and he had this to say (he'll probably have a full report of the gory details later):

In case you haven't heard, our country has been lead by principalities and powers. They are rich, they are powerful, their leaders make hundreds of thousands of dollars from their activism. “We have to stand up against an evil agenda. It is an evil agenda and it will take anyone captive that is willing, or that is standing idly by,” Alan Chambers said as he neared the conclusion of his talk.

All of that was just from Alan Chamber's talk this morning. It was interesting to hear him before a very different audience: it wasn't CNN, and it wasn't in front of “strugglers” at Love Won Out or the Exodus Freedom Conference. This was in front of culture warriers, on a panel called “The Homosexual Agenda,” with fellow panelists Robert Knight (Media Research Center), Peter Sprigg (Family Research Council), and Chris Stoval (Alliance Defense Fund).

Do you think they passed out copies of the Agenda?  Right Wing Watch was also there, and has fills in some more details on this session. It's hard to take these fundies seriously except they have deep pockets and plenty of compliant sheeple at the ready to spend day and night fighting any efforts to move LGBT rights forward.

The first panel's topic was “The Homosexual Agenda,” and Peter Sprigg, vice president for public policy at the Family Research Council, gave his talk with the aid of a PowerPoint presentation purporting to outline the “Elements of the Agenda.” Sprigg lectured the crowd about how “militant gay rights activists” were going about crossing off agenda points, and spoke at length about the gay rights activists' movement to “indoctrinate every student from kindergarten to 12th grade.”

OK, who shipped the Homo Agenda down there? We need answers…after all, these were some of the attendees at the love-in that have our game plan: Tony Perkins (FRC), Richard Land (Southern Baptist Convention), Harry Jackson (black homobigoted pastor), Don Wildmon (AFA), failed presidential candidate Gary Bauer, William Owens (black homobigoted pastor from Memphis and Arlington group ally), ex-gay-for pay Alan Chambers (Exodus), former Concerned Woman Robert Knight (Media Research Center), John Stemberger (Florida Family Policy Counsel), failed Ohio gubernatorial candidate Ken Blackwell (vote-fixing Ohio sec of state in 2004 and Patriot Pastor fave), Katherine Harris (lord have mercy), Tom Minnery (Focus on the Anus).

The take on Alan Chambers is hilarious.

We heard a lot about those “ex-gays” and then were addressed by “an ex-gay” in person: Alan Chambers, the president of Exodus International. Chambers worried about “the militant activist groups out to co-opt family life, our rights, and change America into an America that is only good for them.”  We were told that these “militant gay activists” were “trying to co-opt our very way of life.”

In fact, the phrase “militant gay activist” was bandied around so much, I felt silly for having left my weaponry at home … I was also ashamed not to fit Chambers' image of what a gay man is: a “jaunty mustached muscleman,” apparently, in contrast to the “nice young people, old people, and attractive women” progressives are said to use in our commercials and media campaigns. Chambers also claimed that “the gay activist movement is wealthy. None of us in the pro-family movement are making money. I am in poverty compared to what the executives of the pro-gay movement are making.”

Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding