Sunday Five Brothers BloggingNot pandering for the Catholic vote

I suggest. Slate runs with it.

Meanwhile Matt reads DadMitts new book and thinks it’s complete bullshit and ponders legally changing his name to OJ Simpson Jr. to avoid the shame.

Just kidding. He was dazzled:

I just downloaded and printed my dad’s new booklet entitled “Strategy for a Stronger America”. Though I haven’t gotten through everything yet, I have to say that I’m very impressed, but not surprised at all. While other candidates stay in the shallow waters of generalities, my dad has outlined in a very detailed way how he would address today’s biggest challenges to ensure that America continues to get stronger. This is typical of his penchant for detail and analysis when solving problems which he does better than anyone I’ve ever known.

In fact DadMitt touched on some of the biggest challenges facing America, this weekend in Michigan:

Romney hit some of the themes he needs to — he spoke on being a “Change Republican” and emphasized family values in particular. He also pointed out his support for the Federal Marriage Amendment, which, with Thompson’s rejection of it, makes him unique among the major Republican candidates.

But then he says he’s going to move “In God We Trust” to the front of the new dollar coins instead of the side. Hmmm. I guess I’m all for it, but the crowd took a few seconds to applaud, and I think most people were as confused as I was. Is that a new campaign promise?

Plus, I haven’t seen his delivery this bad in quite a while. (I have seen it this bad before.) He was very slow winding up, and the speech has a lot of really, really lame applause lines. I couldn’t take much more after this one:

“I’ll make sure that our future is defined not by the letters ACLU, but by the letters USA.”

He’s the bestest most smartest dad ever.



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