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What Blacks Have Learned about the “Big Boys” Whitosphere Through Jena

When you're in the thick of battle and you look around for support, that's when you learn who your friends and enemies are.  In the days after we single-handedly organized 60,000 Blacks to march on Jena, but almost without any help from big white bloggers who ignored us, Black bloggers from Pam's House Blend, Field Negro and others are reevaluating the whitosphere now and seeing the whitosphere's behavior in a much more sinister light. 

Here is a list of things we've learned from this experience about the whitosphere:

Hillary Clinton is more likely to speak about injustices that affect Blacks than is Markos Moulitsas and Matt Stoller.

Barack Obama is more likely to speak out on domestic injustices than are Chris Bowers and those other “big [white] boys” of blogging.

This really is about “the big Orwellian lie.”

It is easier for Blacks to get on MSNBC and NPR, the New York Times and the Washington Post, than it is for us to get on DailyKos and MyDD.

And so, we're comparing the mainstream media to the whitosphere blogs and realizing that the mainstream media is a better partner for us.  They are more likely to pay attention to us than are the whitosphere blogs.

This is where the cognitive dissonance comes in:  When you have white bloggers insisting day in and day out that they are “progressives,” which they assert means that they are to the left of liberals, it's hard to accept that they are really just ex-CIA Republican-sponsored liars and infiltrators, and assets thereof.

But, the face of an absolute wall of denial among these white pseudo-progressives, there simply is no other explanation for their behavior.  Actions speak louder than lying words.

Now, Blacks are going to become the Copernicus and Gallileos of the political world.  We know the world isn't flat, no matter what the Catholic Church says.  And we know that Reagan Republican CIA trainees aren't leftist “progressives” no matter what the CIA trainees tell us and no matter how many times they tell it to us.

Now, here's another area where I'm going to call “bullshit” on all white people, and some Black people too, and eventually everyone is going to realize and recognize that I am right:

What strikes me about even the excellent press that the Afrosphere has received lately is that they insist that this struggle is about “race” and is therefore a “racial” issue.  Just as Pam has included a “race” category among the tag choices here, where Black people are supposed to file the stories related to us.

Well, “race” is an epithet invented by white supremacists to demean, denigrate and subjugate Black people.  I would no sooner file my writing under the category “race” than I would file it under the category of “idiocy.”  If white people asked me to file my writing under the word “idiocy” then I would be agreeing with them that I am an “idiot” if I agreed to file my writing in that category.  When a Black person asks me to file my writing under the word “idiocy” the fact that the request comes from a Black person doesn't change the meaning or ramifications of the request. 

In fact everytime that whites call us a different “race” they are reinforcing in their minds and in our minds that we, like dogs and cats, are inherently different.  If not, then the word “race” is superfluous.  So, when you use the word “race” to describe Black people, what are you saying, exactly?  Aren't you insisting that those who say, “There is only one race, the human race,” are wrong?  Aren't you still insisting, against all evidence to the contrary, that there are biologically five different “races,” with white people at the top of the “food triangle”?

When an entire society insists on continuing to use a word whose scientific basis has been utterly discredited, something very sinister is going on.  Language is being used to perpetuate a social structure.

Unfortunately, many Blacks have become so brainwashed by this constant chatter about “race” that they believe that “race” is something other than a figment of the white supremacist imagination.  “Race” has taken on a life of its own, becoming a “fever of the mind” that causes hallucinations in Black people as well as whites.  Whenever Blacks are mentioned, as well as Latinos, Indians and Asians, this fever asserts itself, with the fantasy word “race” dominating and directing the conversation, as if it were a treasure map that all of us had committed to memory, with none of us able to forget the buried treasure where “X” marks the spot.

Well, I'm going to tell you this right now, and one day all of you will realize that this is true:  There is no buried treasure in the treasure map of “race.”  Blacks never have benefited from the belief that we are a separate race and even white society has been imprisoned and distorted and mentally sickened by its belief in it's own inherent racial superiority.

The fact that Black and white people still use the word “race” is one of the symptoms, in my opinion, of a skin-color aroused mental illness that I call “Extreme Color-Aroused Emotion, Ideation and Behavior Disorder” (ECEIBD).  If you want a shorter acronym, then call it “Extreme Color-Aroused Disorder” (ECA). 

 In this mental illness, extreme ideas associated with skin-color (ie. the belief that peope who have a different skin color are from a different “race”) and extreme emotions associated with skin color (e.g. “I am so ANGRY at the prospect of sitting under a tree with someone of a different race”) leads to exteme color-aroused behavior (e.g. hanging  nooses on trees to avoid sitting with someone of a different color).  One of the symptoms of Extreme  Color-Aroused Disorder is the use of language that manifests extreme color-arousal, such as use of the delusional word “race.”  The fact that both white people and Black people use the word “race” is one among many pieces of evidence that Black people as well as white people can have the emotional illness that I call Extreme Color-Aroused Disorder.

With such obvious evidence that Black people, too, can be subject to color-aroused delusions, I will no sooner listen to theories that “only whites can be racist” than I will entertain the notion that the world is flat. EVERYBODY can be delusional and, unfortunately, too many of us are, regardless of our skin-color.

Most intelligent people among us have realized and will readily admit that there is no biological difference between Blacks and whites that could  be called “race.”  What we called “race” could just as easily and more accurately be called “skin-color and other skin-color associated physical characteristics.”

Those who insist on using the word “race” in spite of what they know intellectually are people whose minds have not progressed one inch in this respect since they were slaves and slaveowners on the plantations of the Deep South, or Afrikanners lording it over Apartheid in white separatists South Africa. 

One of the symptoms of insanity is “insistence on delusional beliefs.”  Now I am telling you:  If you still are using the word “race” then you have lost your fucking mind, and I don't care what color your skin is.

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