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Save The Russ Belville Show!

Tell KPOJ and you want them to keep The Russ Belville Show on Saturday morning!  (Listen now online)Hey, Radical Progressives, I’m having the time of my life talking to you every weekend and trying to rescue the hearts and minds of our countrymen who’ve been seduced by the neo-fascist talking points of the right-wing radio blowhards. But the time of my contest-winning grand prize — this show — is coming to an end (possibly as soon as October).

KPOJ is getting good feedback on the show and I feel I have grown quite a bit as a talk show host in just six months. But radio is a numbers game, and the number right now is the money KPOJ would have to spend to keep me on the air once the contest sponsors end their financial obligations.

I’m working on getting sponsors for the show, and if you know someone who’d like their business advertised with both commercials and lavish praise from the on-air talent, email me. I also need a local Portland, Oregon, call screener / board operator.

What you can do is contact KPOJ and tell them “I listen to The Russ Belville Show and I want him to stay on the air!” or words to that effect. My ratings are good and steadily growing, the show is getting better and better, and the station’s program director likes the show and wants to keep me on the air… but he can’t lose money on the venture.

What do you say? Do you want me to quit my day job and keep talking to you on the radio? I feel so close to just taking off… let’s not let it end now. — “R”R

P.S.  I’m on the air right now until 11am Pacific (2pm Eastern).  Check it out at

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