Bury My Heart At Wounded Feelings

Since 9/11, when MoveOn.org deeply offended the supporters of General David Petraeus, the following soldiers have died in Iraq:

Staff Sgt. Terry D. Wagoner, 28, of Piedmont, S.C.
Spc. Todd A. Motley, 23, of Clare, Mich.
Spc. Jonathan Rivadeneira, 22, of Jackson Heights, N.Y.
Pvt. Christopher M. McCloud, 24, of Malakoff, Texas
Sgt. John Mele, 25, of Bunnell, Fla.
Pfc. Brandon T. Thorsen, 22, of Trenton, Fla.
Cpl. Terrence P. Allen, 21, of Pennsauken, N.J.
Staff Sgt. Michael L. Townes, 29, of Las Vegas
Spc. Joseph N. Landry III, 23, of Pensacola, Fla.
Spc. Nicholas P. Olson, 22, of Novato, Calif.
Spc. Donald E. Valentine III, 21, of Orange Park, Fla.
Spc. Aaron J. Walker, 23, of Harker Heights, Texas
Sgt. Edmund J. Jeffers, 23, of Daleville, Ala.
Pfc. Christian M. Neff, 19, of Lima, Ohio
Cpl. Graham M. McMahon, 22, of Corvallis, Ore.
Pfc. Luigi Marciante Jr., 25, of Elizabeth, N.J.
Capt. (Dr.) Roselle M. Hoffmaster, 32, of Cleveland, Ohio
Spc. John J. Young, 24, of Savannah, Ga.
and A Task Force Lightning Soldier died in a vehicle accident in Diyala province on Saturday 9/22.

The oldest soldier, a woman and a doctor, was 32 years old.

He’s not General Betrayus. He’s General Outlivedus.



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