Rick Jacobs and the Courage Campaign are currently fighting the “Presidential Election Reform Act” in California, which — if it passes — would give up at least 20 of California’s current “winner take all” electoral college votes to Republicans in 2008.  The lawyers behind the ad are Bob Perry’s swift boat lawyers.  Which should safely put it in “say no more” territory, but if that’s not enough:

Bell, McAndrews & Hiltachk is one of the most politically involved law firms in the state. According to a news story on its Web site, Bell keeps a life-sized cardboard image of President Bush in his office. Federal records show the firm does legal work for a host of political committees, most with Republican or business ties.

Republicans have the strangest fetishes.  Really.

On Monday there’s going to be a conference call at 4pm PT/7pm ET with Bradley Whitford that is open to anyone.  You can RSVP at the Courage Campaign’s website.

(The YouTube above was shot by D-Day and Dante at Steve Audio’s blogtopia* party a couple of weeks ago.  And yes, Skippy coined that phrase.)

Jane Hamsher

Jane Hamsher

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