Let us now consult the Oracle of the Cut ‘N Curl magazine table

Dr. Mrs. Perfesser on Sally Fields:

Sally Field and her ilk don’t really mean they want just any mom or woman to run the world, what she really meant when she talked about moms taking over is that leftist women should run the world. Notice that the women who are always talking about how great and different things would be if women were in charge never mention real women leaders like Condi Rice or Margaret Thatcher because they are conservatives. Unlike some leftist women who think that their sex puts them beyond the human traits of aggressiveness and violence, Rice and Thatcher understand that the realities of national security mean that negotiation and “making nice” with the schoolyard bully does not always work.

And are these leftist women really the great humanitarians they imagine themselves to be? To answer that question, let’s turn to Allure magazine….

Next week she will discuss the compulsive sexual behavior of Larry Craig by citing the Cosmo article: Ten Ways To Keep Your Man In Your Bed and Out Of Airport Bathroom Stalls.

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