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What Is Matt Barber On, Anyway?

(commentary from story featured on G-A-Y):







Just when you thought the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Barber had stopped blabbing about the gays for this week, he's back again……and he's SCIENTIFIC!

I can't waste much time on that homosex-obsessed oversized ted haggard in training right now, but head on over to G-A-Y and read the interesting story.  I'll give my input soon enough.

My question is why is CWFA promoting a fired AllState Insurance employee as some scientific know-it-all of all things gay?  He and Peter LaBarbera have a LITTLE too much in common, if you get what I'm saying = homosexual aficionados!

Source: “Why rationally analyze when you can irrationally demonize?” (Good As You)

More Stay-Puft fun:






Check out this hilarious article from Outside The Tent:

“The HRC Forum in Bam-Bam-A-Rama”

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