This And That: Nooses, Jena 6, DiversityInc, LGBT Pejoratives

The noose represents lawlessness, particularly throughout the United States, not just in the South. It represents the mob mentality, and finally it represents a mob of lawless whites who have set a course to destroy whatever it is that they want to destroy: other whites, blacks, Jews, whoever.
–Wiley Huff

I am a white women old enough to remember the days of segregation. A noose is wrong anytime, anywhere. How can we go backward in the year 2007? The people of Jena need to take a hard look at themselves and step up to the plate! This is very wrong.
–Joanne Irving

It represents the threat of lynching, simple as that. A racist, terrorist threat to instill fear in anyone who sees it.
–Cathy Campbell

DiversityInc: Noose, a Symbol of Hate: Why ‘Jena 6’ Won’t Go Away

DiversityInc Magazine is covering the Jena 6 story — and the specific significance of nooses — with a lot of internet “ink.” They linked to the AP story and MSNBC video of today’s march.

ABC: Thousands Rally in La. to Support Jena 6

DiversityInc also has also been covering the noose-in-public-spaces aspect of the story (here, here) — as why nooses hung in public spaces by whites are so inflammatory. In the subscribtion only article How Do You Respond to White Employees Who Hang Nooses?, author Yuki Cole wrote:

In more than 240 instances, the federal courts have defined a noose as a symbol of intimidation and violence in general and specifically toward black Americans considering its past use. Ignorance of that sordid history is not sufficient to excuse “racially offensive symbols that generate fear or feeling of intimidation or sense of hostility to persons in the work place,” wrote [Germantown Mayor Sharon] Goldsworthy.


For a better guide for how communities and corporations should react when nooses are hung by white employees or students comes a story from Germantown, Tennesse. From a news release dated September 4, 2007:

In response to speculation regarding the dismissal August 24 by Germantown City Administrator Patrick Lawton of three employees assigned to the Germantown Performing Arts Centre, the following information is provided.

Two weeks ago, the three employees intentionally left three ropes tied in hangman’s nooses suspended from the rigging in the stage area. In general, especially in the South, the hangman’s noose conveys a racist message. An African-American employee saw the nooses and reported to his supervisor that he was “hurt and offended” by the presence of them. In response, City officials immediately began an investigation into the complaint of a hostile work environment, conducting it per established City policy and procedures.

All parties involved in the incident were questioned and given the opportunity to explain their involvement. Lawton was told that the ropes were tied in that manner to keep them off the floor while it was being refinished and that those who tied the nooses were practicing knot tying. Separately, a fourth employee acknowledged that one of the three had placed his own head through one of the nooses. The three professed ignorance of the racial overtones associated with nooses. The City of Germantown found their professed lack of awareness to be implausible.

The City does not condone or tolerate any action or behavior that creates a hostile work place for its employees. It will not exempt or excuse employees from the consequences of their inappropriate behavior. As a result one full-time employee, Matt Strampe, and two part-time employees were discharged.

(Peter LaBarbera and DiversityInc having issues after the flip)~~~~~

Peter LaBarbera is upset about his treatment by DiversityInc. In his piece Censored – in the Name of ‘Diversity’: DiversityInc Mag Caves in to Human Rights Campaign’s Daryl Herrschaft’s Demands, he wrote:

Today I was scheduled to fly to Newark, N.J., to participate in a “Religion in the Workplace Roundtable” discussion sponsored by DiversityInc Magazine. But I won’t be going to Newark – because three of the panelists decided that true diversity was something they simply could not tolerate.

On Friday, I received an awkward call from Barbara Frankel, DiversityInc’s Executive Editor, who had originally invited me to take part in the roundtable – along with Daryl Herrschaft, Director of the Workplace Project at Human Rights Campaign, a homosexual activist group, and several other panelists including the president of American Atheists.

An embarrassed Ms. Frankel said she was forced to disinvite me, less than a week before the event, because Herrschaft and two other panelists (she wouldn’t say whom) had threatened not to come if I were allowed to participate. (I had already bought my airline ticket and received planning materials for the discussion.) Ironically, one of the proposed questions for the roundtable was: “How do you balance the need to create an open and equal workplace for LGBT [lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender] employees with the religious beliefs of those who oppose same-sex relationships?”

Of course, he should have been disinvited for his use of pejoratives. Although Peter LaBarbera / the Illinois Family Institute / the Americans For Truth About Homosexuality has previously argued against using and condemned the use of the pejoratives “fag” and “faggot” on previous occasions (here and here), as recently as last month Peter LaBarbara used the pejorative she-male to refer to transgender people:

The “transgender” lobby has copied aggressive “gay” activist tactics and is on the verge of creating federal “civil rights” based on gender confusion. Their top goal? Passage of the “Thought Crimes” and “ENDA Our Freedom” bills. If these become law, we’re talking about federal “rights” – and that means federal lawsuits – for “she-males” – biological men who act as if they are women and even demand to use female restrooms (see our story, “The Transg-ENDA: Man in Purple Suit Invades Ladies’ Restroom in Md.”).

When gender-twisting groups are publishing papers titled, “Peeing In Peace: A Resource Guide For Transgender Activists And Allies” (click HERE for TVC’s analysis of the paper), you know “civil rights” is being contorted beyond recognition.

I expect opinion diversity at a forum on workplace diversity by a company called DiversityInc.  However, DiversityInc should never have booked a panelist who frequently uses an LGBT specific pejorative.

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