LodgeNet Entertainment Corporation, based in Sioux Falls, SD, is expanding its business — it supplies hotel chains with pay-per-view in-room porn for customers. The announcement that it would add 130 new employees in the next two years was made at a press conference featuring South Dakota Governor Mike Rounds.

That made the anti-hotel porn brigade hit the roof.

Phil Burress, president of Ohio-based Citizens for Community Values, was present at a rally in Sioux Falls in August, in which pro-family leaders, pastors, and other decency advocates in the state asked for a U.S. attorney to investigate LodgeNet for possible violations of federal obscenity statutes.

Burress says the protest against Rounds' participation started the day of LodgeNet's press conference. “There were people on the street protesting the fact that he would be there in support of a company that is selling hardcore — I mean, the worst of the worst type of hardcore pornography — in literally every community in America,” the family advocate recalls.

The local fundie outfit, South Dakota Family Policy Council and supporters, sent letters to the governor's office, and will push for a state obscenity law so that businesses such as LodgeNet would have to pack up and leave.

You have to wonder what the folks who already work at LodgeNet have to deal with when they run into these characters and tell them where they are employed.

Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding