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Quiz: Can You Find What Matters in the Pictures Below?

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Via TPM Election Central, Eli Pariser of says what needs to be said about today’s posturing in the U.S. Senate:

“No wonder public approval of Congress is tanking. They’re so out of touch with reality that they can find time to condemn an ad but they can’t do what most Americans want — vote to end this war.”

Democratic senator/presidential candidate Chris Dodd gets it right, too:

It is a sad day in the Senate when we spend hours debating an ad while our young people are dying in Iraq. Now that the Senate has twice voted on this ad, it is time to move on and vote to end the war.”

(Kudos also to Markos, who knew the right response to this manufactured controversy from the moment it began.)

As Jane noted below, has a petition you can sign if you want to help get the focus of Congress back where it belongs. Oh, if you want to chip in to help MoveOn send a thank-you gift to Sen. Mitch McConnell — or, more accurately, to the voters of his state — you’ll get a chance to do that right after you sign the petition.

Which is entirely appropriate, since the weak, blustering Republicans letting the bloodshed in Iraq go on while playing tough-guy against straw men (or newspaper ads) is exactly the kind of “betrayal of trust” that is trying to bring to the public’s attention.

(MoveOn parody ad on the left from Don Asmussen’s “Bad Reporter” cartoon in the San Francisco Chronicle.)

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