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David Bowie (bless ‘im) has donated $10,000 to the Jena 6 Legal Defense Fund. You can help, too. I’m in for $25. Who wants to match my contribution?

President Bush is even more cracked out than even I thought. He thinks Nelson and Winnie Mandela were murdered by Saddam Hussein? WTF? I know that at this point it kind of goes without saying, but, goddamn, what an assclown.

Oh, and speaking of the Jerkwad in Chief, he claims he got a ‘B’ in Economics 101, when in truth, his Dad bought him a ‘C-minus’. Nonetheless, the Commander Guy says he “got an ‘A’ in cutting taxes…and fiscal responsibility!”, which is why Federal Reserve Chief Ben Bernanke said today that the economy is well and truly fucked, “beyond even the most pessimistic estimates” and will be for years to come. Oh, and the deficit continues to break all existing records. Mmmmm, love that fiscal responsibility!

Jezebel informs us that Stephen Meisel, the photographer who brought us Madonna’s weirdly un-sexy book, Sex, has most recently done a shoot for Italian Vogue that glamorizes rape in a war-zone. Because what could be more fashionable than war crimes and human rights abuses? (That story alone made me long for pandemic flu or some other apocalyptic catastrophe. Would you blame Mother Nature for strangling us in our crib?)

Oh, and there is no cuter Internet Pet celebrity than Winston. I know we’re partial to dogs around here, but Winston, well, just go watch the clip.

And that’s what I’ve got.

Thanks for letting me share.

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