Entertainment time. When the Republican mayor of San Diego, Jerry Sanders, emotionally came out in support of marriage equality yesterday, it represented a sea change personally and politically.

In contrast to the governor of California, who plans to veto the marriage equality bill on his desk, Sanders came to understand that his lesbian daughter deserves full marriage rights — “separate but equal” is wrong.  Video via Raw Story:

This set the Freepers off on high alert. The comments are really vile, as you would expect. They are after the flip.

Actual Freeper Quotes

NOOOO!!! What a sell out spineless piece of…. Rodger Hedgcock better be all over his ass like white on rice.

I have gay folks in my family, and know gay folks, but it doesn’t mean I support something that is plain wrong. Love the sinner, condemn the sin, anybody ?

See him crying about his decision here.


Yep, thats the kind of strong leadership people respect.

Good grief. So, his decision isn’t based on anything more than he “wants his daughter to be happy”. No wonder he was in the Gay Pride parade.

Glad I didn’t vote for that clown. I’m curious what the response of James Hartline will be. That guy is way out there, but he was in that “community” and knows how the lifestyle can destroy.

As a SD resident I am both sadenned yet unmoved. God makes my laws and no man can overturn those laws by proclamation,vote nor tort.

So. If one’s son is a drug addict does that mean the father in a position of leadership and authority decides they support and condone the illegal drug trade? Give me a break.

There is no doubt a father loves a daughter. There is also no doubt he wants his daughter to have a joyful life. Yet what is wrong with disagreeing with the sin and loving the sinner as Jesus did. Here he is loving the sin and the sinner and supporting the sin as law because a loved one is a sinner.

Evil works in mysterious and tricky ways. One soul at a time and then a city. Sad. Hope San Diego bites back and rises up. Just because his moral compass is off, doesn’t mean the city needs to stand for this.

If he really loved his daughter he would try to get her the psychiatric help she so desperately needs.

Wow. So Sanders turns out to be a scumbag…. It sounds to me like somebody has some dirt on him.

Just what I thought. Caught him playing footsie in a Balboa Park men’s room, perhaps.

THe answer for him is not to support gay marriage, but instead to love his daughter, but to realize she is in sin, and must repent, she can be helped to escape, not endure in that lifestyle!

I hate this tactic employed by the gay movement that in order that equates accepting of their sin is necessary for acceptance of them as people. It’s pathetic, and based on emotion rather than real world data, and real morality!!

It’s about way more then YOU Sanders. Attacking the pillars of our society for special privlages for the self victimized vocal few is WRONG. What shame. I voted for this guy. He was not my first choice for mayor either, my instincts were right about him.


Having learned that this man’s policy decisions can be so easily reversed simply by learning someone in his family is gay, I have lost respect for him even if he reversed his decision again.

I live just outside city limits (thank goodness), but please, San Diego city residents, vote this ass out next time. He has been horrible on so many issues and now this…

It is pretty amazing. I knew Rick Roberts would give him a very hard time this morning. Well deserved. So much for power to the people. Instead, he is pandering to a very small interest group — his daughter and a few staff members.

Such a shame. He should be intervening to stop his daughter from condemning her eternal soul, instead he is taking a step that will surely lead to more damnation for others. This makes me physicaly sick. And this is what happens because people cowtow to the deviant activists.

Exactly; I am convinced homosexuality is a spiritual and phychological disease upon this nation (does that mean we condemn those whom are sick: HECK NO); Jesus didn’t he came for the sick and dying!! But it is abhorant what our society has done; in cow-towing to their ‘gay-movement’-rather accepting it (soft-response), rather than as you so well put ‘intervening to stop his daughter (and their friends/family) from condemning her (their) eternal soul’.

I agree! This must be stopped: (PLEASE: JESUS!).

BTW, Confronter of the Powers of Darkness in the homosexual stronghold of Hillcrest, James Hartline, is already commenting on the matter by digging up something from his 2005 archives — “Part 3: The Hidden Gay Agenda of San Diego Mayoral Candidate Jerry Sanders.” Autumn, who lives in his district (he’s running for local office), plans to write up a full diary on the barely-tethered-to-sanity ex-gay fundie’s reactions.

Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding