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Lindsey Graham has his panties in a wad because the majority of Americans would like to hold him and other Republicans accountable for being Bush Administration rubber stamps.  From the floor of the Senate today:

Many of us up for re-election this year. This Iraq War has become one big political commercial. There are commercials being run out there — I don’t know if they are on the air this moment — but every time there is a vote in this body, a Republican in a…uh…tough state will have a [sic] ad saying “Senator so-and-so has voted six times not to withdraw from Iraq.” There are political commercials being run around every policy debate we have regarding this war. This is a political consultants dream, this war. Well, this war is not about the next election. This war is about generations to come. And the commercials will keep coming. Every time we have a vote like this, somebody is going to take our work product, put together an ad, and try to get some political momentum from the dialogue we have on the floor.

It’s called politics, Lindsey. And public accountability. People don’t trust you, they don’t trust George Bush, and they don’t trust the Republican party — and they sure as hell aren’t willing to risk America’s soldiers on more and more failure because you, the GOP and George Bush want to save your own political bacon.   Our soldiers and their families deserve a helluva lot better than they are getting at the moment, and it is well past time that you faced up to your role in their maltreatment — you and every other rubber stamp out there.

You don’t like the heat? Then get out of the Senate. 

In case anyone is wondering, Afghanistan is not going so swimmingly either.  Heckuva job…please keep those calls going, folks, because your voices are necessary to force change within the Beltway.  Thanks so much to everyone who has made them so far.  You guys rock.

(Oh, and Turncoat Joe?  You still suck.)

UPDATE:  Froomkin hits some of the same notes.  Great column today.

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