Another PFOX Incident – Greg Quinlan

Wayne Besen reports another new PFOX incident, this time involving the very Mr. Greg Quinlan he recalled in his recent post about the Regina Griggs from PFOX fiasco.

When Nick Benton of Falls Church News Press approached him so he could report on the PFOX booth, Quinlan tripped out, accusing him of starting a confrontation.

From Wayne Besen:

“According to Benton, Quinlan of the Ohio Pro-Family Network, responded to his request with a bizarre outburst that can only be explained as seeking a “incident.”

“What's the purpose of this?” shrieked Quinlan. “You've created an altercation here. You look like the guy who accosted us in Arlington. Do I have to call the police?””

Can you say: PaRaNoId

I agree with Wayne that crying shit-wolf and acting like a bunch of wackos is their “strategy”.

Source: Wayne Besen “PFOX manufactures malice, yet again”

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