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Matt Barber Is A Wannabe Joseph Goebbels

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I hope everyone had a good weekend!  The weather here has been pretty decent on some days, but it's supposed to be in the low 90's again this week.  Ugh, I'm ready for the 50's-70's temps!!!

It's Monday, and we got some fresh “christian” kookery to cover today.  For starters……

That big bear skin rug Matt Barber (a self-professed “concerned woman”) is absolutely nuts, and to top it off, he's using Nazi speak; replacing “jews” with “homosexuals”.

Matt Barber sez: “homosexual activists represent one of the most powerful lobbies in the world per capita.”

Hitler/Goebbels sez: “Jews control politics”

Matt Barber sez: “Homosexuals and cross-dressers are a privileged group, not an oppressed minority as activists would have you believe.”/”…..homosexuals are largely affluent”

Hitler/Goebbels sez: “Jews have better jobs and more money.”

And this is just to name a couple nazi propaganda lines from his loony rant.

It gets even kookier:

Matt Barber:  “ENDA would force all Americans who prefer to live within the realm of reality to pretend, by force of law, that a man is a woman – that an apple is an orange, simply because that apple thinks it's an orange (awkward, fruity pun not intended). It's “The Emperor's New Clothes” meets George Orwell, and even if you're the Mary Lou Retton of mental gymnastics, you land flat on your keister on this one.”

When you thought it couldn't get any kookier:

“Sean was a redheaded, freckled lad of pure Irish descent. Growing up, he always felt something was wrong. He didn't like green beer, corned beef hash or any of the other things the Irish were

supposed to like. Rather, he was fascinated by African-American culture and eventually made the self-determination that he was, in fact, a black man trapped in a white man's body. No, not like Vanilla Ice, Eminem or other posers; Sean actually believed it.”

Just pay attention to how he keeps using the term “homosexual” over and over towards the end.  That boy has got some issues – some Larry Craig-ish issues, it comes across to me:

“Homosexuals and cross-dressers are a privileged group, not an oppressed minority as activists would have you believe. The U.S. Supreme Court has devised a three part test to determine whether a class of persons qualifies as a true minority: They must be defined by an immutable characteristic (unchangeable, like skin color), they must be economically deprived, and they must suffer from a history of discrimination and political powerlessness. Homosexuals and cross-dressers fit into none of these requisite categories. Instead, the facts show that homosexual behavior is changeable, that homosexuals are largely affluent, and that homosexual activists represent one of the most powerful lobbies in the world per capita.”

Boy, Mr. “Bam Bam Barber” sure is the expert on “homosexuals”, isn't he?

And the icing on this nutty cake?

“But other than that, ENDA's great! In fact, it may not go far enough. I mean, while we're at it, shouldn't we include protections for people based on “species identity?” If a man gets in touch with his inner horse and wants to run in the Kentucky Derby, let's force Churchill Downs to make it happen. It makes as much sense.”

If this isn't proof that Concerned Women and these other pro-“ex gay” groups have lunatics as their mouthpieces, I don't know what is!

While you're here, check out this side-by-side comparison of anti-Jew nazi propaganda, and “christian” anti-gay propaganda.  These people can deny it all they want – these so-called “christians” who've hijacked Christianity are nothing more than nazi incarnates.  Matt Barber is definitely a wannabe Joseph Goebbels.

Source: Pam's House Blend

Source: Matthew Shepard Online Resources

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