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I confront Rep. Herseth; the party confronts me

As I reported on my blog, I recently attended a Democratic Party fundraiser in Jefferson County, Colorado.

The honorees at the banquet waere long time activsts, Carmah and Kathy, who happen to have enjoyed a same-sex relationship of over 25 years.

The speaker the Party chose as the featured guest was not the best they could have requested. The speaker was Rep. Stephanie Herseth-Sandlin (D-SD) who twice voted to enshrine bias in our Constitution through an amendment barring the marriage of couples like Kathy and Carmah.

I found out about the speaker's record on the issue the day of the event and created a small stir by bringing it to the attention of the members of the GLBT caucus. When it prompted at least two of them to leave the $75-$100 a plate event early, party leadership made it clear to me that they were very 'disappointed' that I had chosen to raise the subject.

What shocked me however, was when yesterday the Party Secretary, a man named Vince Todd, who recently ran for the position of Party Chair, posted on my blog the provocative question, ” So how did these two votes make a difference? “

I put up my response, but I would appreciate it if some of the more educated people at this site might help answer that question.

The story and comment cand be found Here.

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