I eagerly await Jim Burroway's analysis of the synopsis of latest “ex-gay” study allegedly proving that one can reclaim one's heterosexuality through programs such as those run by Exodus.

Timothy Kincaid of BTB has already noted that the study, which followed 98 people who were referred to various Exodus ministries for “treatment,” already sounds sketchy.

    * 33 people reported change in the desired manner (from gay at time 1 in the heterosexual direction at time 3)
    * 29 reported no change
    * 8 reported change in the undesired direction
    * 3 were unsure how to describe their experience of change

and 25 people discontinued participation in the study during that time.

The 11 “success” stories unfortunately don't sound very convincing. From Christianity Today:

Most of the individuals who reported that they were heterosexual at Time 3 did not report themselves to be without experience of homosexual arousal, and did not report heterosexual orientation to be unequivocal and uncomplicated. … We believe the individuals who presented themselves as heterosexual success stories at Time 3 are heterosexual in some meaningful but complicated sense of the term.

If “change” means one is constantly fighting off same-sex urges, then that sounds more like “ex-gay” means ticking time bombs (Bob Allen, Larry Craig, and the like, who truly believe they are straight but seek out sex with men) or chaste individuals suppressing their orientation than it does a true conversion. Sexual orientation is not simply about sex acts, something the ex-gay movement continually fails to acknowledge when touting “success.”


Success, for instance, certainly isn't an ex-gay therapist being convicted of sexual assault.

Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding