How can you have a war without profiteers?

Iraqi authorities have banned an American security firm under contract to the U.S. government after some of its employees were implicated in a Baghdad firefight that left eight civilians dead.

CNN reports that Iraq’s Interior Ministry revoked the license of Blackwater USA on Monday, a day after the gun battle near Nusoor Square that also wounded 14 people, most of them civilians, an Iraqi government official said.

“We have revoked Blackwater’s license to operate in Iraq,” Interior Ministry spokesman Brig. Gen. Abdul Kareem Khalaf said Monday, according to CNN. “As of now they are not allowed to operate anywhere in the Republic of Iraq. The investigation is ongoing, and all those responsible for Sunday’s killing will be referred to Iraqi justice.”

  1. Marcy:

Blackwater is about as wired in as corrupt Republican companies come–the Prince and DeVos families are important money bags for the GOP and I’m sure they will object to losing their big gravy train. Which is why, I suspect, Blackwater isn’t commenting on this yet:

Phone messages left early Monday at the company’s office in North Carolina and with a spokeswoman were not immediately returned.

I suspect they’re going to launch a large-scale lobbying effort tomorrow to stay in Iraq.

Which means this may well turn into an issue between Maliki’s government and Bush. Kicking out Blackwater is one way for Maliki’s government to assert sovereignty in ways that do not require the Democratic party to have a spine. It seems the Iraqi government–and not just Congress and the President–get to have some say over the US empire in Iraq.

 This could get interesting.

Jane Hamsher

Jane Hamsher

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