Check it out nowMilblog: Not So Eclectic Boogaloo

Funk soul brutha is in the White Hizz-ouse:

President Bush wishes that he could be alongside the troops in Iraq — except that he’s too old.

At least that’s what he reportedly told a blogger embedded with U.S. troops in Iraq. In the first session of its kind, Bush spent almost an hour on Friday talking with 10 so-called “milbloggers,” including two who participated by video conference from a military base outside Baghdad.


Bush didn’t have to go out of his way on Friday to endear himself to his guests, who had been screened for sycophancy.

And as their ensuing blog posts make clear, they lapped up even his most timeworn talking points and hoariest stories.

For instance, Bush once again told his oft-repeated story about how his father fought the Japanese in World War II, but now he himself counts the prime minister of Japan as one of his closest allies. Apparently, it still chokes Bush up.

Ward Carroll of wrote that Bush “grew very emotional as he made a linkage between his father’s service in World War II and the fact that Japan is now an ally and then said, ‘I’ve had meetings with the prime minister of the country he fought.’ He actually teared up as he said that.”

” CJ,” an active-duty soldier and blogger, wrote: “Being right next to him, I caught a single tear attempt to roll down his left cheek before he casually wiped it away.”

Matthew Burden, a former Army officer who blogs under the name Blackfive, wrote: “The President was very intelligent, razor sharp, warm, focused, emotional (especially about his dad), and genuine.”

Overall, Burden wrote: “[I]t was very cool. The President of the United States slapped my hand and called me “brutha”. Top that.”

Consider it topped when, later that day, Matt Burden stole George Bush’s baby’s mama away from him.

I got sumtin’ to say, and I need the world to hear it. I’m a lyricologist.
I can rap about anything. Shrink, shrink. Blinkity-blink.
Tried to make me think.

Wanna go to my sink. And vomit. Clean it up wit’ Comet.
Earth is my planet. See? I’m the shiznit.


Yeah. Like I would tell you....