Gay Rights and All of Our Civil Rights and Civil Liberties

Please read this article; then read this article, and then watch the following clip.

The vilification of Gay people, directly or indirectly, must be seen to be embedded in the increasingly fascistic bent of the U.S. as, in part, depicted in this unprovoked assault upon a minister who dared wear a button opposing the war in Iraq. 

It cannot be repeated enough times: the fight for LGBT civil and sacramental rights is inextricably enmeshed in the fight for the future of our Democratic Republic!  If it is not seen in this light, there will be a continuing “circulation of elites,” where there will continue to be the need for scapegoats, further causing the persecution of those deemed “the other,” that will lead us from one madness to another to our eventual collective doom!

If the color “pink,” with its historic connotations singling out Gay men in Nazi Germany (that hitherto had a vibrant Gay culture, much as we have in today’s America), can be used to “humiliate” prisoners, despite protestations to the contrary (See here, regarding the color “pink,” for a beautiful, collective, act of decency and heroism.); when a minister seeks to enter a public hearing relating to the War in Iraq and is assaulted by six police officers; when Gay people are denied full and equal civil and sacramental rights; when closeted Gay politicians can build their careers on demonizing Gay people with relative impunity from their cohorts and most of the mainstream media, until a public scandal forces their hands; when there is a dramatic polarization of people in this country, most of whom turn a blind eye to egregious political and social events that they erroneously perceive don’t directly affect them; when professing Christians can feel free to engage in hate-mongering in the name of “love”; when most people, including many, if not most, Gay people, come to believe the often repeated lie that there is something “wrong”, “sinful,” and “abnormal” about being Gay, often resulting in the suicides, assaults, and murders of people perceived to be Gay; when leading Presidential contenders seek to outdo each other in engaging in mealy-mouthed inanities that never address the crucial questions facing this country, including the issue of the acquisition of full equality for all of our citizens, we have to ask ourselves what our respective roles are in encouraging and even allowing these actions to exist that are anathema to any society that presumes upon itself the designation of being “civilized” and of being a truly “Democratic Republic.”

[Also posted at A Christian Voice For Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, And Transgender Rights.]

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