Are My Baby’s Gay?

I know we all get some pretty weird offers that come uninvited to our E-Mail in boxes.  I’ve had the honourable Bimbo Iwanascrewu, the former President of the Republic of Numbrainbia, E- Mail me before to offer to give me 300k if he could have use of my bank account for a couple of days and I know where I can get all of the cheap Viagra I can use.  I’ve had hot Russian Chicks offer to date me and proposition to do all manner of naughtiness to me  if I would only E-Mail  them my credit Card Number… 




But this has to be the best scam… er I mean offer I’ve yet to see…







These nice people offered to tell me if my Twins are going to be gay and here is what they asked me to do so I could find out…. Just print out their official gay baby test sheet and have my girls slobber on it,  

 That right for only 20 buck these nice folks will tell me if Halie and Kyma are going to be gay and all I have to do is have the girls  lick this paper and send  a little baby slobber…..>>>>
The instructions  for this  ultra scientific test told me to make sure to use plain white paper to print the sample sheet out ( I guess to avoid false positives telling me that they are not gay but they are  instead Japanese, Kangaroos or god forbid  Republicans) and that it is important to moisten the paper for 15 seconds, so that if the baby's mouths are dry, to have them drink water and then moisten the sample after 5 minutes (not really a problem with my babies, we have plenty of baby slobber around here) and also that I should mail the sample using standard USPS first class mail only, but I will receive the IMBG Testing Center's mailing address only after I pay for the service. 
Somehow I think the Former President of the Republic of Numbrainbia, the honourable Bimbo Iwanascrewu has something to do with this operation. 

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