Sunday Five Brothers Blogging – Back To The Private SectorThe Sons of Romney Elder

With polls showing DadMitt failing to resonate with Republican voters (Mitt generally coming in fourth in the polls, which in Romney Olympic-speak is neither gold, silver, or bronze. Let’s see… fourth place finish is… oh here it is: loser.) the boys start looking elsewhere for gainful employment that doesn’t involve driving an RV and making happy face with yokels.

Here we see Josh auditioning for the Iowa Chamber of Commerce. Later Josh shows us his Bad Boy side by using his Harley in an attempt to pick up on a young Iowa blonde in the hopes that she will become wife number three or four. I’ve lost track.

Earlier Josh encountered Teddy Roosevelt (well, not the real Teddy Roosevelt, but an incredible simulation) and was completely dumbstruck by the pretend President. One would have thought that he would have been less dazzled when encountering a fake politician considering…. well, you get the idea.

On a fashion note, we see that either Ann has a favorite cut of jacket and owns it in many colors, or someone has been photoshopping the Romney blog and we’re gonna need an army of kerners to photo-check their asses.

Finally DadMitt makes a cameo appearance on 9/11 to remind us why people, other than his boys, fight Islamonotlatterdaysaintsism:

On this day, radical Islamists brought terror to our shores. It is hard for our minds to contemplate a human darkness so vile that it celebrates murder and the destruction of innocent lives. But we can honor the bright memories of the fallen. Each person, whether taken in unknowing sacrifice or resigned to death after heroic struggle, stands in our mind’s eye in the brilliant light of faith and patriotism. In the years since 9/11, the spreading evil of radical Jihad has been visited on other cities around the world. Yet, our resolve remains strong. From soldiers guarding our liberty on foreign shores to those of us living under the umbrella of the protection they provide, we are united in remembering loved ones lost on that day and in our determination to protect our homeland from future attacks.

So let’s go to a baseball game!



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