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Oregon hate group running out of gas,

It seems like the put “the anti-gsy rights” on the ballot is many signatures short in Oregon.

The rhetoric is heating up as the countdown begins on a signature
drive to put two gay-rights measures before voters.

  With less than two weeks to go before a Sept. 26 deadline, conservative Christian activists aren’t confident of getting the required 55,179 valid signatures.Have the fundies given up in Oregon? or don’t want to spend the money? We’re close,” said Brooks activist Marylin Shannon, who is coordinating the petition campaign. But if there’s not a “real influx” of petitions in the final days, she said, the campaign may not have enough signatures.

  “Let’s just say that we’re not there yet,” said David Crowe, who runs the Christian ministry Restore America.

Restore America, back to what, the dark ages? It seems like these fundie groups can’t get it together, with an effort in Fl. now a new suprise in Iowa. ENDA coming to the senate floor, where they can’t rely on chimpy to veto it, they are strung out like the U.S. Military.With Equality New Jersey pushing Corzine to go for full Marriage Equality, add it that New York has a Govenor waiting for his deal to come out of the state senate. And Colorado flipping from red to blue with Governor Ritter pushing LGBT rights like a bulldozer, and winning. Along with a ruling in Cali to come soon,The fundies don’t know what state to play their cards on. And add Illinois may be pushing for civil unions.

I know alot of fundie money is being spent in Florida, but the Republican Governor Christ isn’t supporting the anti-gay ammendment there. I do know they have almost all the signatures they can get in the panhandle of Flor-DUH and a challenge to verify those signatures with be fought, as most are fraudulent.

See, on thing in Flor-DUH, is if you move and remain registered to vote in that district, it is fraud, And I have some great info on Seminole County, Flor-DUH, to show they do not do voting records correct.

That is why I say I am optomistic, VERY optomistic, that is 6 years, Marriage Equality will be the law of the land, as the fundies can’t stop a train they don’t drive, and can’t derail.

The Fundies know they can’t fight Equality were it is moving forward.

I believe Marriage Equality with be in 40% to 50% of the states by 2012, and 2013 across the nation.

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