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Two-Faced Alan Chambers

Look at two-faced treacherous Alan Chambers and his fake blue contacts, trying to make it seem as if he is just simply an “ex gay” with no agenda or hatred for the gay community! LOL

In this interview, superficial Alan Chambers reveals that he felt he needed to become “ex gay” because he was balding, getting older, wasn't in shape, and wasn't “in demand”.  Apparently you need to look like an Abercrombie model in order to have a meaningful gay relationship, according to Chambers, it seems.  It's easy to see what crowd he'd be with if he were openly gay: the snooty better-than-you hundred-dollar-millionaire old queens who won't have anything to do with any guy unless he looks “A n F”, no older than 24.  So fuck him!  Who gives a fuck about those plastic old hens anyway?

Alan, even if you were openly gay, you'd still suck!

(segment split in 2 parts below)

Source: Good As You

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