From the Charleston City Paper…

Is Lindsey Graham gay?
Seven Minutes in Gay Hell: Is Lindsey Graham in S.C.'s airtight closet?

When GQ asked last year, Graham wasn't mean, just dismissive. He said he's not gay, just a loner. But that denial isn't stalling renewed interest in the question. In a post on who's next out of the closet following Craig's arrest, blogger Michael Signorile ( first points a questioning finger at Graham.

“Let's have a real investigation of the rumors about South Carolina Republican Senator Lindsey Graham, who … has been rumored to be gay for years,” Signorile says. “Like Larry Craig, Graham has voted antigay — including for the federal marriage amendment — while people in South Carolina and Washington have discussed what some say is an open secret for a long, long time.”

…The comments about Graham are not new, but they haven't seen this kind of prominence since Graham's 2002 election to the U.S. Senate. Early in the campaign, state Democratic Party Chair Dick Harpootlian said Graham was “a little too light in the loafers to fill Strom Thurmond's shoes.” He later said he didn't know what “too light in the loafers” meant. Apparently he didn't know what too thick in the head meant either.


From the Washington City Paper…

7½ Reasons Not to Have Sex in Union Station's Bathrooms
Sen. Larry Craig is alleged to have engaged in oral sex in a Union Station stall. He didn't climax. No surprise there.

Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding