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Doug Schoen’s Fool Proof Plan For Crash and Burn

car-roast-24.jpgOne wonders how many Democratic consultants manage to walk and chew gum at the same time. Today Doug Schoen tries to reduce troop withdrawal from Iraq to some polling mathematics that will give the Democrats victory in 2008. Aside from the complete amorality of the argument — let’s pretend for a moment that there aren’t a mountain of dead bodies piling up — the crux of his position is that Harry Reid should really try to get along a little bit more with Republicans:

Polling from Penn Schoen & Berland shows a strong desire for the parties to work together to develop coherent, long term strategies to fight terrorism and protect American interests around the world.

Right. Because most people are gonna say “no” when you ask them that question.

Right now, Democrats clearly have the ’08 advantage. The American people are fed up with George Bush and the Republicans. Democrats have opened up double-digit leads on party identification and the generic congressional vote.

But the Democratic Party is also vulnerable on Iraq, where the lead over the Republicans dropped 10 percent in August to a narrow four percent margin. Rather than harp on the withdrawal, the Democrats should continue to strike a bipartisan tone and refocus the debate to other international and domestic issues. This will help them carry the day in November 2008.

Is he completely witless? Democratic approval ratings in Congress plummeted after they rolled over on the supplemental and the public perceived that they were ineffectual in doing what they’d been elected to do — stop the war.

Scratch the bit about the gum, I think you have to have a certain IQ to be ambulatory. Has anyone ever actually seen Doug Schoen walk?

Update: Digby cites a much more cogent strategry by Mark Kleiman. Why the Democrats haven’t used the Webb Amendment to better effect escapes me.

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