handcuffs.jpgLots of “values” evidence in the GOP news hopper.  Just a smattering, because frankly this could go on for a while:

Neal Volz entered the latest plea (H/T to petwrecker) in the Jack Abramoff/Bob Ney/you name it GOP sweepstakes investigation.  And this little nugget of respect for the rule of law popped out at me:

Prosecutors told the court that Volz received abusive phone calls from Ney when the congressman suspected he was cooperating with the government. Volz “retained some of the recorded messages and provided them to the government,” prosecutors wrote in papers filed with the court. Those recordings, they said, “would have been powerful evidence of Ney’s consciousness of guilt had Ney elected to fight the charges against him and proceed to trial.”

Now, honestly, how stupid are you to leave threatening phone messages on the answering machine of an aide you believe to be cooperating with authorities? Doesn’t that just scream “arrest my sorry ass”?

— As Howie points out, Rep. John Doolittle is running again, much to the GOP caucus’ dismay.   Two of his top aides were recently subpoened for testimony before a federal grand jury, and there has long been a rumor that Jack Abramoff spilled some fairly juicy information on his old pal Doolittle as a part of his plea deal with the government.  We shall see.  Paul Kane at the WaPo has more on why GOP leadership is now running away from Doolittle as fast as they possibly can.

Emptywheel points out the potential for a behind-the-scenes CYA confab between Intel Director McConnell and our pal Turncoat Joe.  This after McConnell was called on the carpet for lying outright to Congress.  Turns out Rep. Reyes had a source who ratted out the lie, Reyes called him on it via letter and then publicly, and now McConnell is scrambling to backtrack from it.  Next week’s House Intel committee hearings ought to be very interesting.

— Poor Sen. Ted Stevens of Alaska has to worry about a helluva lot more than clogged toobz these days.  Seems Ted got some air time on FBI videos regarding bribery, pay-offs, and VECO oil…said tapes having been played at a criminal trial for one of the parties allegedly involved in this mess.   Maybe he can take consolation from this sympathetic shoulder moment from Jon Stewart.  *sniffle*   (And because everyone needs a giggle…)

— According to Rep. John Boehner, Iraq is a small price to pay.  Oh, really?  Cliff Schecter begs to differ.

— And, finally, Joe Klein points out the obvious:  there is no real Presidential leadership in the Bush White House, just a lot of hiding behind anyone who can be put out front to take the heat off President Short Attention Span.   

(Handcuff photo via DF Shapinsky for PINGNews.com/Shapinsky MultiMedia.)

Christy Hardin Smith

Christy Hardin Smith

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