You have to catch the piece in the Dallas Voice about Allyson Smith’s reporting at the recent National Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association convention in San Diego. Her first dispatch is up at Americans For Truth Against Homosexuality, but the interesting quotes from the post-convention interview in this article are more interesting.

It’s pretty clear that her appearance to do oppo research gave her an eyeful. Smith got to see how much corporate support is out there for the LGBT community, and what’s clear is that the fundie side is losing badly — and she and The Peter know it.

“From a Christian conservative perspective, the advance of homosexuality into the media as well as other spheres of society is, to us, alarming,” said Smith, who noted that her opinions have been shaped in part by the loss of several friends to AIDS, which she blames on homosexuality. Although everybody treated me kindly and respectively, my inner feeling toward everyone is compassion and pity. I feel there is a better way than forming a movement and pushing for so-called civil rights based on sexuality.”

Smith said she and other conservative Christians fear the gay rights movement is making great strides. “I don’t think anybody denies that on either side,” Smith said. “Yes, we think you are succeeding.”

Smith said that when she went through the program and saw the list of attendees and the companies represented by them and sponsors she was taken aback. “I was floored.”

The Peter whined about the Faux News presence at the conference to the Wildmon’s news organ, OneNewsNow:

AFTAH president Peter LaBarbera says Fox News has supported the pro-homosexual group for several years.

“I really believe Fox has the best coverage in a lot of these issues because they often do have both sides of the story,” he explains. “But it’s curious to me why they would help finance this gay journalist outfit. I attended there once; very rarely do they have someone from the opposing viewpoint.”

LaBarbera encourages concerned views to contact Fox News and let them know they do not want the network supporting the pro-homosexual group.

“Yeah, I’m hoping that if enough people call that maybe Fox, and all the other stations too, should reconsider; and if they do finance this gay journalists’ association, maybe they need to finance a Christian journalists’ association, maybe they need to give money to WORLD magazine,” says LaBarbera. “You can’t have it both ways.”

Don’t hold your breath, Peter.

Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding