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Pink Shirts: Students Standing Up To Bullying

Via Dan Savage:

Students from Nova Scotia helped a freshman who was bullied for wearing a pink shirt on the first day of school by distributing pink shirts for other students to wear in response to bullying.  Other students wore other pink items in support, and one brought a pink basketball.  The student was reportedly picked on because he could only afford store-brand clothes, and not the chic stuff.

It was not disclosed whether the harassed student was gay or not, although it's obvious he was being picked on because he was perceived to be gay.

And of course the bullies were pissed off at the support for the student, thrown a tantrum and made asses of themselves.

Dan Savage is planning on having the students behind this activism in a future article, and is also taking donations to buy the student some cool new clothes!

Source: Dan Savage

Source: The Chronicle Herald 



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