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You think the former Secretary of the Navy keeps close ties with Navy officers? Or is Jim Webb calling on Carl Levin to ask Admiral Fallon to testify to the Armed Service Committee because he, like me, thinks Fallon will have a different perspective to offer?

WEBB: [T]here’s something of a kabuki going on right now.You know, the Petraeus report was brought in. On the one hand they’recalling it independent; on the other, General Petraeus and AmbassadorCrocker, from my understanding, gave a one-hour exclusive interview toFox News after their first day of testimony. […]

So it was a very narrow and focused two days of hearings…weneed to hear from people like Admiral Fallon and others to get a senseof how the region is in play. …  He was, by many accounts, questioning keeping these troop levels this high. […]

So I’m going to be recommending to Senator Levin that we get Admiral Fallon in and get his views on the region.

Just remember to ask Admiral Fallon if winning the Iraq War but ruining our military will make us safer, Senator Webb. I have a feeling that Fallon, unlike Petraeus, will have a pretty definite answer.

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