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Hate Speech, Hypocrisy, and Kathy Griffin

Kathy Griffin’s in trouble once again for something she said, which doesn’t really come as a surprise. What is surprising in this case is the reaction coming against her latest remarks during her acceptance speech for her recent Emmy win. [Entertainment Weekly]

A lot of people get up here and thank Jesus for helping them win this award, but I have to say nobody has been less helpful in getting me to this moment than Jesus. I don’t know what I ever did to him, I just think he doesn’t like me that much, and if he had his way, Caesar Milan would be holding this statue right now, but he’s not and I am! So I guess all I can really say is, ‘Suck it, Jesus! This statue is my God now!

The E! Network has chosen to censor Griffin’s acceptance speech, after “the comedian’s remarks were condemned Monday by Catholic League President Bill Donohue, who called them a ‘vulgar, in-your-face brand of hate speech.‘” [CNN]While I’ll be the first to admit that Griffin’s comment of “Suck it Jesus!” probably wasn’t in the best taste, I’ll also be the first to say her acceptance speech shouldn’t be censored just because a member of a Catholic group had the audacity to label her comments “hate speech.”

Since returning from my year in England, I’m amazed to see the new levels of hypocrisy in America. When did everything start to be weighed upon the scales of false morality? Sex scandals are only worth persecuting if there’s a homosexual element to them (unless there’s murder involved) and now any speech against the Jesus or the Judeo-Christian God is “hate speech?” (Unless, of course, it’s the Mormon Jesus/God, in which case it’s allowable to the other denominations.)

I’m amazed that Donohue’s comments haven’t been challenged in the public arena yet. Comparing Griffin’s comments to “hate speech” is an abhorrent statement in itself. Perhaps when I see the phrase “Suck it Jesus!” leading to someone being beaten and left for dead, such as in a real hate crime, then I’ll be more inclined to give creedence to Donahue’s position. Perhaps, when I see the Catholic church spend half as much time ministering to the gay community as it does vilifying the gay community, I’ll be more inclined to find some sympathy for his perceived “hate speech.” In the mean time, I think I’ll just go watch some Kathy Griffin’s “Life on the D-List” instead.