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Give props to you know who for worst rap song ever.

God hates this awful crap.

What is the worst rap music you could think of?

-Is it that materialistic crap of today?
-Nu-metal like Limp Bizkit?
-Madonna's little crap bit in “American Life”?
-“Rappin' Rodney”?
-Elmo's rap?
-Anything by Vanilla Ice, Marky Mark, or the “Young Black Teenagers”?

No, it's made by gangsta thug church nazi pimp Fred Phelps, featuring his little homophobic hos ripping off of Jay-Z.  This is the most un-hip hop moment ever.  It could also be another viral video that you send to your friends via the Internet (like I'm doing here in the Blend).  I hope that God busts a cap on the WBC ass for this acrid puddle of puke.

Tell me what you think?

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