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Pink Swastika Lie: John Wayne Gacy




I was skimming through my copy of The Pink Swastika (by Scott Lively and Kevin Abrams), and among the many many lies on every single page, one section caught my eye:

In the “American Nazis” chapter (pg. 210-211), Lively and Abrams makes the hilarious claim that “homosexuals are responsible for 68% of all mass murders”, and then lists several serial killers who they allege were homosexual.

The second person listed was John Wayne Gacy, saying he was a “professed homosexual”.  That is an outright lie.  I've done my research on Gacy, including the book Killer Clown by Terry Sullivan (law enforcement who worked on the actual case).

John Wayne Gacy was a straight married man, married twice. Like Larry Craig, John Wayne Gacy wanted to have flings with men (and also in Gacy's case, boys) on the side. The only difference was that Gacy was so freaked out about them possibly telling someone of their encounter, that he killed them to keep his secret. When Gacy picked up men, he would of course lead them on to believe he was gay or bisexual.

And fuck whatever his sexuality was. Gacy isn't representative of fat white heterosexuals, or fat white closeted gay men. Gacy was a fucked up, sick, disturbed, uber-perverted individual – period.

Oh, and I've also caught some wingnuts trying to pass off Gacy as representative of democrats, which Gacy actively was at one time. If that's so, then Ted Bundy, an avid republican, is representative of republicans!

The Pink Swastika book is one fucked up collection of lies, and if I'm not mistaken, the authors Scott Lively and Kevin Abrams are connected to the nazi's. So there you have it, total bullshit in a book.

Another hilarious note is the fucked-up “ex gay” bunch promotes and uses this book at all times!

PDF on The Pink Swastika being holocaust revision

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