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Holy Joe Bewails Free Speech

Petraeus8_3MoveOn has a hot new ad in today’s NYT pointing out that Petraeus’ statements differ from all the known metrics out there. And boy has it made Sanctimonious Joe pissed. Not surprisingly, Joe is trying to call in those chits he got for agreeing to caucus with the Democrats in January.

The personal attack on Gen. David Petraeus launched today is an outrageous and despicable act of slander that everymember of the Congress — Democrat and Republican — has a solemnresponsibility to condemn.

General Petraeus has served hiscountry honorably and selflessly for over thirty-five years. He hasrisked his life in combat and accepted lengthy deployments away fromhis family to defend our nation and its citizens from its enemies. Forthis, he deserves the respect, admiration, and gratitude of everyAmerican — not the disgraceful slander of

Ithas been widely reported that has worked closely over thepast months with many members of the Democratic Party in coordinatingtheir efforts to derail the strategy that General Petraeus has beenleading in Iraq.


As a member of the Senate Democratic caucus, I therefore call on SenateMajority Leader Harry Reid and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi todenounce in no uncertain terms for its vile attack on Gen.Petraeus. General Petraeus deserves no less.

Mind you, Joe doesn’t address the central allegation that MoveOn makes–that Petraeus is lying to Congress. Which he’d have to do to prove his own accusations about slander. Rather, Sanctimonious Joe says we’ve got to honor Generals, even if they lie to us.

If I were MoveOn, I’d lodge a legal complaint against Joe for alleging that MoveOn and the Democrats are violating restrictions on 527s and PACs.

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