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Why Does Insight Communications Fear Clean Elections?

I got this letter in the mail from the Public Campaign Action Fund that I wanted to share with you all:

Dear Phoenix Woman,

Cable giant Insight Communications pulled our new ad on Mitch McConnell at the 11th hour last night. Insight’s executives have donated $17,000 to McConnell. Now they are helping him even more by engaging in political censorship to keep this ad, which criticizes McConnell for his special interest politics, off the air.

Sign this petition to tell Insight Communications that you won’t stand for political censorship.

All the other broadcast networks, including NBC, ABC, and CBS and another cable system are running the ad after reviewing its content for accuracy. Why won’t Insight air it?

And what role did Insight lobbyist Keith Hall or Insight CEO Mike Willner, both McConnell donors and allies and big players in the national cable industry, play in making this decision to censor the ad?

Those are very good questions. (More at this can be found here.)

By the way: If you want to help keep this ad running in Kentucky, you can donate here to keep it on the air.

UPDATE:  Well, that didn’t take long — Insight’s backed down and will run the ad after all.  See, we can make a difference! (Big-time h/t to dakine01.)

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Phoenix Woman

Phoenix Woman