Again With The Bathroom – But With Some Twists

Gender Neutral Restroom SignTwo transpeople were ejected from a mall restroom in Seattle last weekend (where they were attending the Gender Odyssey Conference), then escorted from the mall.

But there’s a couple of twists to this story.

First of all, according to the Seattle Times the two were transmen, not transwomen. Apparently, they went to the male restroom at the Pacific Place mall — in alignment with their gender identity.

The second twist is that due to the change in the anti-discrimination law in Washington State last year, this probably qualifies as discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity.

The Seattle Times said:

Two transgender individuals attending a weekend conference in Seattle were kicked out of a men’s bathroom at Pacific Place and then ejected from the downtown mall in what could become a significant test involving transgender people under the state’s year-old gay-rights law.

The Aug. 31 incident led about three dozen people who were attending the Gender Odyssey Conference at the Washington State Convention and Trade Center to march on the mall in protest on Labor Day, staging what they called a “pee-in” at the fourth-floor bathrooms.

…The two female-to-male transgender people involved in the incident weren’t arrested but said they were mortified as a security guard led them down escalators as shoppers gawked and pointed.

“I don’t think straight people can truly understand the gravity of what this means emotionally,” said Sean, one of the two. He and the other man, his friend Simon, both asked that their last names not be used.

“Peeing is basic,” Sean said. “Anyone who feels a need to use a bathroom should be able to do so without someone rapping on the stall while your pants are down around your ankle.”

…The state Human Rights Commission said the law allows [transgender people] to use restrooms that match the gender they identify with. Seattle and King County offer similar protection.

Saying they were denied that protection, Sean, 22, and Simon, 27, plan to file discrimination complaints against the mall with both the city and the state. It would be the first challenge under the state law involving an issue transgender people say is crucial.

Transpeople just want to pee in peace.  Washington State law apparently allows them to — I guess the security guards at Pacific Place mall didn’t get the memo.  It’s probably going to cost the mall some cash to settle this.


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