What happens when you order free bibles from the fundies as activism. I received this letter from Blender MXM, who dutifully sent off for a complimentary Truth for Youth bible from American Family Radio (see Autumn’s diary). This is the letter MXM received:

Thank you for placing an order to receive a free Truth for Youth bible during the Nationa l Truth for Youth Week on American Family Radio. Thousands of young people will be saved as a direct result of the bibles that are going to flood our schools through these efforts.

Regretfully, we completely ran out of TFY bibles before we got to your order. We are awaiting the new shipment of bibles to be printed and sent. The good news is, the new printing will be an updated, even better TFY bible. It will be worth the wait. At this time we don’t have an estimated arrival date. I will send you another email when we have more specific information. The bibles have to be printed and shipped to us then we will prepare the orders and ship the bibles to you. Please pray that God will expedite this process for us and provide all of the necessary funds to accomplish this important project. God’s very best to you!

Evangelist Tim Todd, President, Revival Fires International

MXM said: Life is just full of disappointments. I have to wait for my TFY bible! I hope the Rapture doesn’t happen before it gets here.

Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding