The money just isn’t flowing into the coffers like it used to, eh Don (and Tim)? Time and again the American Family Association launches these useless boycotts; when there’s an economic downturn (or a bad business decision) that affects a gay-friendly company, the AFA is johnny-on-the-spot to claim responsibility.

This, friends, isn’t very convincing. In fact, it’s pathetic. From the AFA ActionAlert:

Ford sales collapse again – boycott a driving force

Simply put, people are not buying Fords.

Ford Motor Company continues to suffer monthly sales losses because of its support of homosexuality.

For August, Ford reported a 14.4% drop in sales over the same month last year.

Rather than taking a neutral position in the culture war, Ford uses its profits to support gay activist groups, whose top agenda is to push pro-homosexual marriage and “gay” hate crimes laws on the rest of the nation.

While other automakers are at least holding their own (GM sales actually went up in August), Ford continues to suffer huge sales losses month after month.

It’s obvious by now that homosexuals don’t have enough purchasing power to keep the Ford ship afloat.

At the end of the email, there’s a shameless plea:

If you are a Federal Civilian, Postal or Military Employee, please consider AFA (#12037) for your annual CFC participation.

H/t, jerzyguy39.

Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding