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Another ridiculous Nigerian homophobic Anglican cleric: gays are insane, satanic

When will it ever stop?

The Anglican Bishop of Uyo, Rt. Rev. Isaac Orama, has condemned the activities of homosexuals and lesbians, and described those engaged in them as “insane people”. “It is scaring that any one should be involved in a thing like that and I want to say that they will not escape the wrath of God,” he said. Orama told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) today in Uyo, that the practice, which has worsened over the years, was “unbiblical and against God’s purpose for creating man”. Homosexuals – 2 “Homosexuality and lesbianism are inhuman. Those who practice them are insane, satanic and are not fit to live because they are rebels to God’s purpose for man,” the Bishop said

Hat tip to Dave T., and Mike G., who said: “It is relevant in the US because a number of the extremist breakway Episcopal Churches in the US are aligning themselves with the Church of Nigeria.”

How can these American churches get in bed with the likes of these hateful, ignorant people?

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding