Silly GAO! Silly bloggers! The purpose of the Department of Homeland Security is not to gather together all the resources of homeland security in one coordinated whole. The purpose of DHS is not to improve off of our performance on 9/11. And so you really shouldn’t worry too much about any silly little GAO report.

The GAO states that after the largest government merger in more thanhalf a century, the DHS met fewer than half of its performanceobjectives, or 78 of 171 directives identified by President Bush, Congress and the department’s own strategic plans. The department strongly disputed the report.

In one of its harshest conclusions, the 320-page document states thatthe DHS has made the least progress toward some of the fundamentalgoals identified after the 2001 attacks and again after HurricaneKatrina in August 2005: improving emergency preparedness; capitalizingon the nation’s wealth and scientific prowess through "Manhattan project"-style research initiatives; and eliminating bureaucratic and technical barriers to information-sharing.

Rather, the purpose of DHS is to gather together a bunch of contracting money under one partisan hack to create another government funding outlet for crony capitalists. Which is why Senator Lieberman’s stance on the report is a truly heroic attempt to make more money available for the crony capitalists.

Yesterday, Senate Homeland Security Committee Chairman Joseph I. Lieberman (I-Conn.) said that although the DHS "has made important progress," it requires more focused attention and money.

And the purpose of DHS is to eliminate the collective bargaining rights of thousands of government employees so we make sure those on the front line remain poor and over-worked.

Silly people, don’t you see that you’re grading all the wrong benchmarks?



Marcy Wheeler aka Emptywheel is an American journalist whose reporting specializes in security and civil liberties.