Mitt Romney is actually a 74 year-old church-going grandmotherHi! I’m Mitt Fucking Romney.
Fucking glad to fucking meet you!

It appears that Mitt is a misdemeanor pottymouth, not a felony pottymouth:

On February 10, 2002, while overseeing 2002 Winter Olympics, ROMNEY became extremely angry upon encountering a traffic jam at a venue and proceeded to berate two persons authorized to direct traffic there, including with obscenity laced tirades, according to a police captain at the scene and a volunteer targeted by ROMNEY. The traffic volunteer Shaun Knopp stated that ROMNEY “asked me who the f___ I was and what the f___ I was doing. We got the Olympics going on we don’t need this s___ down here.”8 Weber County Sheriff’s Office Capt. Terry Shaw, commander of the Snowbasin venue, stated that ROMNEY twice used the F-word while also berating one of his officers, Deputy Kodi Taggart. Capt. Shaw stated that ROMNEY “was abusive” to his officer and advised, unsuccessfully, that “he needs to apologize.”9 ROMNEY denied part of the allegation, insisting he hadn’t used the F-word since high school — but admitted he used a word he described as “H-E-double hockey sticks.” Disposition: The Utah Department of Safety advised it had decided against initiating a “profanity probe.”10

“H-E-double hockey sticks”, that’s just adorable.

For those keeping score at home and have trouble remembering which Republican is which: Mitt Romney is the one who asks police what the fuck they are doing. Larry Craig is the one who wants to fucking do police.

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