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Why Am I Not Surprised?

Seems like I couldn’t turn on a TV newscast this past week without seeing some breathlessly-hyped effort to link Democratic presidential candidate (and presumed front-runner) Hillary Clinton to some alleged naughtiness on the part of a major campaign contributor, Norman Hsu, who the Murdoch-owned Wall Street Journal is attacking.

But guess what? There’s much more concrete evidence of wrongdoing (including an actual 23-count indictment!) on the part of Alan Fabian, the finance chair of Republican presidential candidate (and presumed front-runner) Mitt Romney — yet the national press is as silent as the tomb in comparison. (And I say this as someone who is not exactly a Clinton fan.)

Last month, we found that when a Democratic congressman pushes an airport security person, that becomes national news within hours — but when a Republican Senator is busted for peeping into bathroom stalls and trying to solicit sex therein, the press will sit on it for over two months until somebody finally leaks the story to Roll Call. (Of course, the Republicans are now patting themselves on the back for their speediness in deep-sixing Craig once the story was no longer covered up, but if he’d been in a state with a Democratic governor — as is his fellow Senatorial perv, Diaper Dave Vitter of Lousiana — they’d still be backing him to the hilt as they have all throughout his decades-long career up to last week, because they’d rather eat ground glass than allow a Democratic governor to appoint the successor to a Republican Senator.)

And here’s a story that you won’t be seeing on the national TV news anytime soon, being as they’re too busy telling us about Hillary’s icky (and Asian!) friends, and because it involves a Republican legislator being naughty (hat tip to this Kossack):

A local couple is complaining that U.S. Rep. Doug Lamborn left them two threatening voice mails after they wrote a letter criticizing his fundraising.

Jonathan Bartha and Anna Bartha told The Denver Post that Lamborn said there would be “consequences” if they did not withdraw their letter.

“We felt very threatened and intimidated, and quite frankly, scared,” Anna Bartha said. “It was just not anything we would ever anticipate an elected official would pursue or a way that an elected official would conduct himself.”

Charming, eh?

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