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Somebody to Fire!!!!

I’m thrilled with the news that George Bush just gave Barry Jackson a promotion.

Yesterday, President Bush named Barry Jackson to be Peter Wehnher’s replacement to run the White House Office of Strategic Initiatives.Jackson was the major White House strategist behind Bush’s failedSocial Security privatization ploy, and was one of the White Houseemployees discovered to be using RNC email accounts to e-mail an associate of disgraced lobbyist Jack Abramoff.

That’s because just about all the people involved in politicizing our government–Sara Taylor, Monica Goodling, Kyle Sampson, and, of course, Rove–have already left the Administration. So even if Scott Bloch’s Office of Special Counsel investigation into Hatch Act violations finds that the political briefings held throughout the government finds that those were, in fact, violations, there’s no real punishment, since the normal punishment is simply firing the person responsible.

So I’m glad for Jackson’s promotion. It’ll give us the satisfaction of firing somebody for treating our government like the Soviet state.

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