Scottish Haggis and Wide Stance

Josh and his reader ask WTF is up with Arlen’s support for Larry Craig.

TPM Reader BR wonders about Arlen: "What the hell isSpecter thinking? Is he trying to destroy the Republican party? Nothingcould be worse for them then drawing this out or attracting any furtherattention to the situation. Or did Specter offer friendly encouragementnot thinking Craig would take him seriously? Certainly a bizarredevelopment. I hope he does reconsider though, and that LaRoccoforcibly removes him next year."

Hard to say.  I don’t think it could have been quite the misunderstanding theory BRbroaches. Because Specter did make a statement a couple days ago sayingthat he hoped Craig could fight the charges and be able to remain inthe senate. At the time it struck me as a bizarre comment — even byArlen Specter standards — because after all Craig had just resigned,or so we thought. But now it all fits together. What Specter wasthinking with regards to the GOP, that I really can’t say.

But, as Josh alludes, I think this is just more of Scottish Haggis’ typical behavior. Remember that when faced with a black or white decision on anything, Arlen always attempts to find some legal gimmick that will allow the issue to be muddled, but never settled. The spectacle of the entire party excommunicating Craig for a misdemeanor–disorderly conduct–that a number of other Members of Congress have been convicted of (usually in connection with political protests) is precisely the kind of thing that gives Arlen heartburn. And I suspect the hypocrisy on the Vitter case and others may well be getting to Haggis as well.

Though can I just say how gleeful it makes me that the Republican Party will have to pay for Arlen’s wavering ways this time, instead of Democrats and/or the Constitution?

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